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Menin Gate, Ypres Menin Gate, Ypres
First Name: Frank Last Name: COLLINGS
Date of Death: 14/05/1915 Lived/Born In: Marylebone
Rank: Rifleman Unit: Rifle Brigade4
Memorial Site: 1. Islington, St James 2. Menin Gate, Ypres

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Battle of Frezenberg Ridge (8 May-13 May)

In April 1915 the Germans, using gas for the first time, launched an all out attack on the salient around the Belgian town of Ypres. It became a gargantuan struggle that lasted well into the next month and at the end of it, the salient, though drastically reduced, still stood.

The name is deceptive because the Frezenberg ridge, which lay to the north-east of the town rose to only 50 metres above sea level and was one of a series of low ridges that ran in a generally westerly direction and branched off the main ridge that ran north-easterly from Kemmel to Passchendaele. Nevertheless, it gave a commanding view down on to the town of Ypres and for that reason it was strategically important.

On 13th May, 1915, in one last bid to break the British line the enemy kept up an incessant bombardment of front and back areas between 3.30am and 1pm. 80 Brigade of 27th Division were in the line on the right of the Cavalry Force, and had  4th Rifle Brigade and 3rd King’s Royal Rifle Corps in front. Both battalions maintained their position despite the bombardment. Although this date of death is given as 14th May when 4th Rifle Brigade were relieved and moved back to Poperinghe, it is much more likely that it occurred on 13th May.

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