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Etaples Military Cemetery, France Etaples Military Cemetery, France
First Name: Albert John Last Name: KIRKHAM
Date of Death: 05/12/1917 Lived/Born In: Dartmouth Park
Rank: Lance Corporal Unit: London19
Memorial Site: St Pancras Parish Church

Current Information:


14, Churchill Road, Dartmouth Park Hill

Etaples Military Cemetery, France


At the end of November and beginning of December, 1917, 47th Division had been heavily involved in the final stages of the Battle of Cambrai. On 29th and 30th November the 19th London battalion of 141 Brigade, in a support position in Bourlon Wood, were so heavily bombarded by mustard and phosgene gas shells that only seventy of their number remained fit for duty. The rest were withdrawn and where possible were taken back to base hospitals in Rouen or on the coast where many were to die over the next few days. Albert Kirkham, who died of wounds on 5th December was likely to have been one of these gas victims.

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