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First Name: Horace Thomas William Last Name: WILSON
Date of Death: 28/03/1915 Lived/Born In: Gray's Inn Road
Rank: Private Unit: Middlesex3
Memorial Site: 1. St Pancras, Holy Cross 2. St Pancras Church window Memorials

Current Information:


55, Cromer Street, Gray's Inn Road

Dickebusch New Military Cemetery, Belgium

28th Division did not reach France until January 1915, having been in India at the start of the war. They were immediately thrown into front line action which depleted their ranks substantially but it was winter diseases, among men fresh from the heat of India, that seriously reduced their numbers. So badly did this affect them that in mid February, 85 Brigade was temporarily transferred to 3rd Division whilst 9 Brigade joined 28th Division.

However this did not mean that 3rd Middlesex or the other battalions of 85 Brigade had an easy time of it. On 23rd March, 3rd Middlesex relieved the Canadians in the front line at Dickebusch, in the southern part of the Ypres salient and remained there until 28th March during which time the casualties from day to day life in the trenches mounted. Most of these would no doubt have come from shell fire. Private Wison died of wounds on this day and he may have been wounded in an earlier action.

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