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First Name: James Henry Last Name: BEMMER
Date of Death: 13/06/1918 Lived/Born In: Brentford
Rank: Private Unit: London23
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Pernois British Cemetery, Halloy-les-Pernois, France


From 9th June to 19th June, 1918, the 23rd London battalion of 142 Brigade, 47th Division held the front line just to the east of the town of Albert, which had been captured by the Germans in their first Spring offensive of 1918. The line had now stabilised and the routines of trench had been largely re-established. The Battalion Diary recorded nothing about this tour of the front line trenches other than to mention the number of casualties that the battalion sustained on each day but there is no information regarding the causes of these casualties. However it is reasonable to assume that either shell fire, sniping or patrol work accounted for all of them. James Bemmer died from wounds on 13th June.

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