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First Name: Henry Last Name: RAND
Date of Death: 02/04/1917 Lived/Born In: Newington Green
Rank: Rifleman Unit: Royal Irish Rifles1
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Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery, France


During February and March, 1917, the Germans made a strategic withdrawal to a new and very strong line running from Arras to Soissons. By doing this they eliminated two large salients and greatly reduced the number of troops needed to man the new defences. As they pulled back to the Hindenburg Line (Siegfriedstellung) they adopted a ‘scorched earth’ policy, systematically destroying everything in their path so as to leave nothing behind that would assist the enemy. Railways and roads were dug up, wells poisoned and even trees chopped down. Mines and booby traps were set to further hinder the British and French troops who followed up behind them until they reached the new formidable defences where one again trench warfare was established.

The 8th Division were involved in this operation and at the beginning of April, 1917, the 1st Royal Irish Rifles battalion of 25 Brigade, were holding an outpost line 3000 yards west of Gouzeaucourt where, according to the battalion diary, they sustained a number of casualties, most likely as a result of shell fire. One of these was Henry Rand who lost his life on 2nd April.

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