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Arras Memorial, France Arras Memorial, France
First Name: James Last Name: ANDREWS
Date of Death: 16/06/1917 Lived/Born In: Borough
Rank: Private Unit: London2/3
Memorial Site: Arras Memorial, France

Current Information:


16, Great Maze Court, St Thomas Street, Borough


On 15th June, 1917, 173 Brigade of 58th Division attacked the Hindenburg Line between two points known as the Hump and the Knuckle, north-west of Bullecourt. Each of the four battalions from the brigade, (2/1st, 2/2nd, 2/3rd and 2/4th London) contributed one company for the assault which was launched at 2.50am and which resulted in all the objectives being taken.

Unfortunately, the success of the first day was not carried through to the following day, 16th June, when the attack was renewed against the Hindenburg Support line. During the night, while troops of 173 Brigade, including 2/3rd London, were taking up positions for the renewal of the attack the Germans made four counter attacks in an attempt to regain their lost trench and although these were all beaten off, they did disrupt preparations. Nevertheless, at 3.10am, they advanced behind the protection of an artillery barrage and took the Hindenburg Support line. But they then met fierce opposition. Direction was lost, the enemy infiltrated the gaps this left and urgent messages sent back for support did not reach their destination. The troops hung on for as long as they could but eventually, after much bitter fighting, a handful of survivors made it back to the Hindenburg front line. There were many casualties, one of whom was James Andrews of 2/3rd London.


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