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Plymouth Naval Memorial Plymouth Naval Memorial
First Name: Albert Last Name: HOY
Date of Death: 09/11/1914 Lived/Born In: Stratford
Rank: Able Seaman Unit: HM Australian Ship Sydney
Memorial Site: Plymouth Naval Memorial

Current Information:


19, Broad Street, Stratford


In late 1914 HMAS Sydney was accompanying the first convoy of troops leaving Australia to fight in the First World War. A few days into the voyage the ship was ordered to investigate an unknown vessel seen near the Cocos Islands.  This proved to be the German Cruiser Emden which had been terrorising Allied shipping across the Indian Ocean since the beginning of the war.

On 9th November 1914,  HMAS Sydney found the Emden and immediately went into action and in the ensuing battle the Emden was destroyed by the guns of HMAS Sydney . As the battle began HMAS Sydney  received some hits from the Emden’s guns, suffering slight damage and four of her crew killed. One of these was Albert Hoy.

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