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First Name: William Last Name: BROWN
Date of Death: 26/07/1916 Lived/Born In: North Kensington
Rank: Private Unit: Middlesex21
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Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay, France


From 22nd to 29th July, 1916, the 21st Middlesex battalion of 121 Brigade, 40th Division were in the front line in the No. 2 subsector at Loos. With the Battle of the Somme in full swing some twenty miles further south, the Germans did their best to prevent more British troops being sent there by engaging them as fiercely as they could along other parts of the line. Here at Loos they increased their trench mortar and artillery fire accordingly as well as remaining active with their snipers and other weapons such as aerial torpedoes and grenades. As a result the trenches were badly damaged and much time had to be spent repairing them as well as fending off infantry attacks. 21st Middlesex sent out regular patrols at night, some of which came to grief. Among the casualties suffered by the battalion was William Brown who was killed in action on 26th July.

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