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HMS Bulwark HMS Bulwark
First Name: Stanley Gordon Last Name: STAINTON
Date of Death: 26/11/1914 Lived/Born In: Kew
Rank: Boy1 Unit: HMS Bulwark
Memorial Site: 1. Kew, St Anne 2. Richmond Memorial 3. Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Current Information:


77, Mortlake Road, Kew

HMS Bulwark was a Royal Naval battleship which had entered the service in 1902 and in November 1914 was part of the 5th  Battle Squadron patrolling the North Sea. At 7.50 am on 26th November she was moored close to Sheerness when she was destroyed by a series of explosions that killed over 700 of her crew. Only 14 survived. A court of enquiry established that the ammunition for her guns had been stored incorrectly and that heat from a nearby boiler room bulkhead had caused a cordite charge to explode and from then on it was a chain reaction. Over 60 of those killed came from London. 

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