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Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, France Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, France
First Name: Henry Simpson Last Name: ALLERTON
Date of Death: 18/07/1915 Lived/Born In: West Hampstead
Rank: Private Unit: Middlesex2
Memorial Site: West Hampstead, St James

Current Information:


31, Lowfield Road, West Hampstead

Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, France


From 13th to 19th July, 1915,  the 2nd Middlesex battalion of 23 Brigade, 8th Division, were in the front line at La Boutillerie, near Fleurbaix, just to the south of Armentières. The Battalion Diary recorded no more information about this period except that four men were killed and another ten wounded.  They were not involved in any heavy fighting  during these six days in the trenches but the dangers of shell fire, gas, patrolling and the sniper’s bullet would have been ever present. Henry Allerton was killed in action on 18th July.

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