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Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium
First Name: John Charles Last Name: BASSETT
Date of Death: 30/09/1915 Lived/Born In: Kensal Rise
Rank: Private Unit: Middlesex4
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Enlisted-Mill Hill

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium

With the aim of diverting German troops away from Loos when the British attack went in there on 25th September 1915, there were three subsidiary attacks by the British, the largest being the Second attack on Bellewaarde in the Ypres salient. 3rd Division were involved in this costly and fruitless action in which 4th Middlesex of 8 Brigade played a supporting role and ended the day holding the front line. They remained in this forward position until relieved on 1st October during which time there was a great deal of artillery and sniper activity as the Germans retaliated for the attack on 25th September.

This came to a head at 4.30pm on 29th September, 1915, when the enemy exploded a mine on the left of the line held by 4th Middlesex. Immediately German bombers rushed across to this section of trench and all the unfortunate occupants there were killed. At the same time an artillery bombardment was opened up on all of the Middlesex positions followed by an infantry attack and some of the trenches were lost thereby giving the enemy a good observation platform. Obviously this was not a situation that could be allowed to go unanswered and the next day, 30th September, 1915, a counter attack was launched at 3.15pm by one company each from 4th Middlesex, 2nd Royal Scots and 2nd Suffolk plus the bombers from 1st Honourable Artillery Company all of 8 Brigade. Some ground was regained but not much. The fifteen minute bombardment of the German positions before the attack was launched had not destroyed the wire and there were problems with the supply of grenades (bombs). The men of 4th Middlesex were then engaged in digging in along these these new positions until relieved. Private Bassett died of wounds on 30th September, 1915, and he may have been wounded in an earlier action.

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