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Loos Memorial, France Loos Memorial, France
First Name: Ernest Thomas Last Name: CAWTHRON
Date of Death: 17/10/1915 Lived/Born In: Childs Hill
Rank: Private Unit: Middlesex11
Memorial Site: Loos Memorial, France

Current Information:


105 Granville Road, Childs Hill


On 14th October, 1915, 11th Middlesex of 36 Brigade, 12th Division moved into the front line opposite the Quarries on the Loos battlefield as 36 Brigade relieved 37 Brigade. The battalions of 37 Brigade had just been involved in the last action of the Battle of Loos and this sector was still under heavy German artillery fire as 11th Middlesex were about to find out. They remained in these positions until relieved on 19th October when they moved back to reserve trenches. On 16th October the enemy shelling was heavy enough to level the parapet of their trenches in places, especially those held by D Company and six men were killed with another twelve wounded. All next day the shelling continued and it reached a climax on 18th October which, according to the History of the Middlesex Regiment, was a day of prolonged torture. This time A and C Companies were hardest hit with many men blown up or buried. To add to their woes many British shells fell short and contributed further to their misery. There were over 50 casualties among 11th Middlesex on this day.

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