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First Name: Albert William Last Name: ORROW
Date of Death: 22/09/1914 Lived/Born In: Ealing
Rank: Able Seaman Unit: HMS Hogue
Memorial Site: 1. Ealing Memorial 2. Plymouth Naval Memorial

Current Information:


14, Baker's Lane, Ealing


On 22nd September, 1914, HMS Aboukir, HMS Cressy and HMS Hogue, three old cruisers of the Royal Navy were patrolling part of the North Sea known as the Broad Fourteens, when a German submarine, U9, attacked and sunk all three ships with a loss of life of 1,397 men, many of whom were reservists. Among the victims were 500 men from London. The ships were old, not fast enough and unable to zig-zag at top speed which was an important tactic against submarines. Not that they were expecting German submarines. They were on the lookout for surface ships and when HMS Aboukir was hit first of all they thought that a mine had caused the damage. Next to be sunk was HMS Hogue and finally HMS Cressy. Among those who died was Albert Orrow, serving aboard HMS Hogue.


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