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Le Touret Memorial, France Le Touret Memorial, France
First Name: Charles Last Name: TURNER
Date of Death: 16/05/1915 Lived/Born In: Westbourne Park
Rank: Private Unit: Border2
Memorial Site: Le Touret Memorial

Current Information:


32 Tavistock Crescent, Westbourne Park

The Battle of Festubert (15–25 May 1915)

This followed quickly on the heels of  the Battle of Aubers Ridge and was an offensive operation by the British Army in the Artois region of France in conjunction with a French attack further south.  Initial success soon ground to a halt and although there had been an advance of 3 kms in some places the end result was not the hoped for breakout but merely more muddy trenches which became the front line. British casualties over the ten days amounted to nearly 17,000, three times as many as inflicted on the Germans.

On 16th May, 1915, the second day of the battle, 20 Brigade of 7th Division attacked at dawn. Their assault was led by 2nd Border and  2nd Scots Guards. They began their attack at 3.10am, five minutes before the British bombardment ended, and many of the 2nd Borders, became victims of their own guns.  The German front lines were taken but 2nd Border were then prevented from any further movement by a deep dyke and enfilade fire from the ‘Quadrilateral’, a strongpoint in the uncaptured area between them and the Scots Guards.

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