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CAPLAN Frederick Rifleman Rifle Brigade1 19/04/1918 View Button
NOVITSKY Hyman Private London10 08/08/1918 View Button
MONTSOFF Harry Private London7 13/08/1918 View Button
SWETMAN Leonard Charles Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps 58Bn 25/08/1918 View Button
WARWICK Herbert Private Royal Fusiliers4 31/08/1918 View Button
BENTLEY Benjamin Private Sussex4 25/09/1918 View Button
GRAVES William Rifleman London2/17 29/09/1918 View Button
SOBOVINSKY Philip Private Royal Fusiliers38 19/10/1918 View Button
ABRAHAMS Woolf Rifleman Rifle Brigade1 21/10/1918 View Button
REUBEN Samuel Private East Surrey8 25/10/1918 View Button
LEVENSTEIN Benjamin Private Labour Corps 133Coy 03/11/1918 View Button
FELDMAN Lewis Signaller Royal Field Artillery "D"Bty 90Bde 07/11/1918 View Button
FRESCO Moses Rifleman London12 09/04/1917 View Button
WRIGHT Joseph Private London10 19/04/1917 View Button
LLOYD James Thomas Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps16 23/04/1917 View Button
MINNS James Corporal West Yorkshire18 03/05/1917 View Button
BARLOW William Lance Corporal Middlesex7 02/05/1917 View Button
EAGLE James Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps16 20/05/1917 View Button
GOLDSTEIN Abraham Private London2/2 16/06/1917 View Button
GORDON Frank Private London7 11/06/1917 View Button

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