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TURNER James Edward Private Middlesex1 27/08/1916 View Button
WHITE Alfred Frank Private Essex10 14/07/1916 View Button
LAWRENCE Henry Thomas Driver Royal Army Service Corps 40th Division Train 13/01/1917 View Button
REEVE James Henry Sergeant Essex2/6 19/01/1917 View Button
BILLINGS Richard Henry Gunner Royal Field Artillery D Battery 173 Brigade 01/02/1917 View Button
HOLBROOK George James Rifleman Rifle Brigade8 25/03/1917 View Button
MARSH George William Private Essex6 27/03/1917 View Button
STAPLES Walter Sergeant Essex6 26/03/1917 View Button
THOMAS Maurice Gunner Royal Field Artillery 36Div Ammo Col 30/04/1917 View Button
JOYES William Henry Petty Officer Stoker HMS Proserpine 08/05/1917 View Button
CRUSE George Nicholas Private London1 15/06/1917 View Button
SPRIGGS Thomas William Private Royal West Surrey (Queens)7 03/05/1917 View Button
CHAPLIN Charles Private Royal Fusiliers1 17/06/1917 View Button
CLAXTON George Edward Private Northumberland Fusiliers12 04/06/1917 View Button
CONROY William Private Royal Fusiliers11 03/05/1917 View Button
COTTEN James Private Essex13 28/04/1917 View Button
HILL Richard Henry Private Essex11 05/05/1917 View Button
SAINS Alfred John Rifleman Rifle Brigade3 07/06/1917 View Button
PLATTEN Frederick Sergeant Suffolk2 01/05/1917 View Button
BLAKE William John Private Essex11 02/07/1917 View Button

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