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BURKE William Rifleman Rifle Brigade12 20/09/1917 View Button
HOWARD Edward William Private Somerset Light Infantry1 04/10/1917 View Button
WASHBROOK Robert Private South Wales Borderers2 21/11/1917 View Button
BLAKE William Knox Lance Corporal Middlesex2 26/03/1918 View Button
CANTELLO Robert James Private Lancers16 26/03/1918 View Button
SMITH John Ernest Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers2 21/03/1918 View Button
BAILEY John Private South Wales Borderers1 25/06/1918 View Button
RUSSELL Henry Friend Private London24 23/05/1918 View Button
HAYWOOD John Lance Corporal East Surrey12 24/07/1918 View Button
BLUNTACH Walter Benjamin Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps16 28/08/1918 View Button
CUTLER Frederick Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps16 22/10/1918 View Button
PARFETT Edward John Gunner Royal Field Artillery 126Bty 29Bde 29/10/1918 View Button
GREEN William Joseph Rifleman Rifle Brigade2 25/11/1918 View Button
BARTLETT George Augustus Private Durham Light Infantry2/9 07/06/1917 View Button
DAWSON David William Private Lancashire Fusiliers1 12/08/1918 View Button
HUNTLEY Frederick Rifleman London5 16/08/1917 View Button
HALE Edward John Pioneer Royal Engineers Inland Waterways & Docks 20/04/1918 View Button
HAZELL Alfred Private London24 15/09/1916 View Button
HOUGHTON Tom Johnson Barkeeper Royal Mail Ship Lusitania 07/05/1915 View Button

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