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STAINTON Walter Robert Rifleman Rifle Brigade7 22/09/1916 View Button
STEVENS Ignatius Corporal London8 07/10/1916 View Button
THOMAS Francis Hastings Captain HMS Talbot RMLI 15/08/1916 View Button
WARD Robert John Bernae Rifleman London16 10/09/1916 View Button
DESPICHT Leonard Terry Lieutenant Bedfordshire4 11/02/1917 View Button
ASHBY George William Pioneer Royal Engineers 3Field urvey Coy 29/03/1917 View Button
GARDNER Percy Private Shropshire Light Infantry5 19/03/1917 View Button
DAWSON William Private Machine Gun Corps 97Coy 10/07/1917 View Button
KENNINGTON Harry Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 52 Battery 27/10/1917 View Button
SEMPLE Robert Edward Watson Captain Guards Div Trench Mortar Bty 05/11/1918 View Button
GYLLENCREUTZ James Randolph Major Royal Army Medical Corps attached HMHS Salta 10/04/1917 View Button
HOWARD Victor Charles Second Lieutenant East Surrey4 15/04/1917 View Button
JEPHSON Frank Maurice Rifleman London5 20/04/1917 View Button
SIMPSON Edward S Company Sergeant Major Seaforth Highlanders1 21/04/1917 View Button
DODGE John Wilks Rifleman London9 22/04/1917 View Button
BARNES Charles James Private Royal Fusiliers22 29/04/1917 View Button
KNIGHTON Gerald Godfrey Major Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry5 30/04/1917 View Button
BREUELL S Lieutenant HMT Transylvania 05/05/1917 View Button
BELSHAW Henry Sergeant Royal Fusiliers8 03/05/1917 View Button
ROBINSON Ralph Duncan Captain Loyal North Lancashire9 07/06/1917 View Button

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