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HUNT George Rifleman Rifle Brigade16 14/07/1916 View Button
NEALE Charles John Private Cornwall Light Infantry6 18/08/1916 View Button
ROURKE William Alfred Private London23 10/10/1916 View Button
WALKER Joseph Lance Corporal Middlesex13 18/08/1916 View Button
WEBB Henry Frederick Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 117Heavy Bty 31/12/1916 View Button
WESTON George Sergeant Royal Garrison Artillery 156Siege Bty 17/10/1916 View Button
WHENMAN George Henry Rifleman London21 15/09/1916 View Button
NICHOLLS Henry Charles Private Northamptonshire Garrison Bn2 14/01/1917 View Button
TILLCOCK Reginald Alexander Private Middlesex2 28/06/1917 View Button
POTTER Thomas Private Machine Gun Corps 63Coy 28/04/1917 View Button
COATES Charles Mathew Sergeant London4 19/04/1917 View Button
WORMS Solomon Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps17 20/09/1917 View Button
SNELLING Charles Herbert Rifleman London5 15/08/1917 View Button
MAGGS Ernest Victor Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps 33rd Company 19/08/1917 View Button
SHILTON Louis Eugene Rifleman Rifle Brigade10 21/08/1917 View Button
HALFORD Alfred Lionel Rifleman Rifle Brigade2 01/08/1917 View Button
LEVETT Frederick Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 140Heavy Bty 10/07/1917 View Button
PETTIFER Walter Jubilee Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 21st Heavy Battery 21/08/1917 View Button
WHITING Herbert Mark Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 221 Siege Bty 24/07/1917 View Button
EEDE William Henry Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 225th Siege Battery 14/09/1917 View Button

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