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COTTIS Frederick William Rifleman Rifle Brigade7 08/03/1916 View Button
GOULD Arthur Edmund Second Lieutenant Cheshire13 13/05/1916 View Button
MERCER Leonard Pte Connaught1 17/04/1916 View Button
PAYNE Harry James Frederick Sergeant King's Royal Rifle Corps1 05/05/1916 View Button
SADLER Albert Robert Able Seaman HMS Queen Mary 31/05/1916 View Button
SMITH Ernest Wilson Marshall Second Lieutenant Leinster5 22/03/1916 View Button
BICK Percy Arthur Second Lieutenant Royal Irish2 03/09/1916 View Button
CARTER Geoffrey Herbert Second Lieutenant Royal Berkshire2 12/11/1916 View Button
DAVIDSON Andrew Pearson Second Lieutenant Gordon Highlanders11 05/09/1916 View Button
DAY Norman Leslie Second Lieutenant Liverpool (Kings)14 14/09/1916 View Button
DOWNING John Stuart Private Royal Fusiliers9 07/07/1916 View Button
ELSTON Charles James Private Devonshire8 01/07/1916 View Button
GARDINER Victor Henry Rifleman London5 01/07/1916 View Button
HAWARD Alfred Edward Rifleman London5 09/10/1916 View Button
HAWKES Frederick Herbert Private East Surrey1 20/07/1916 View Button
HYLAND William Thomas Rifleman London5 01/07/1916 View Button
KENT William Charles Gunner Royal Horse Artillery 2nd Indian Cavalry Brigade 19/08/1916 View Button
LEWIS Lawrence Redropp Captain South Wales Borderers11 11/07/1916 View Button
MAIDEN Albert Augustus Second Lieutenant Yorkshire Light Infantry6 16/09/1916 View Button
STEAD George Walter Hudson Rifleman London12 17/09/1916 View Button

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