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MOORE Harry Rifleman London9 12/07/1917 View Button
IONIDES Theodore Alexander Second Lieutenant Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry2 16/11/1916 View Button
ASTLEY Jacob John Company Sergeant Major Sherwood Foresters2/5 26/09/1917 View Button
HOLT Follett Hallet Lieutenant Tank Corps 4Tank Supply Company 22/08/1918 View Button
BIBBY John Pengelley Lieutenant Grenadier Guards1 12/10/1917 View Button
BOND Ernest Edward Private Royal Army Service Corps 5th Ammunition Sub Park 03/11/1917 View Button
HOSTE William Graham Second Lieutenant Rifle Brigade2 09/05/1915 View Button
MACKINNON Duncan Lieutenant Scots Guards1 09/10/1917 View Button
RAYMOND-BARKER Cecil Langton Second Lieutenant Rifle Brigade12 25/09/1915 View Button
STEEL Alan Ivo Lieutenant Coldstream Guards2 08/10/1917 View Button
STOKES Philip Durham Second Lieutenant Rifle Brigade11 10/04/1917 View Button
HOPWOOD Robert Gerald Captain Royal Flying Corps 70Squadron 24/08/1916 View Button
MARKS Cecil Hoffming Captain Royal Flying Corps 13Squadron 23/10/1915 View Button
BURGESS Henry Philip Sergeant Royal Flying Corps 18Squadron 11/03/1917 View Button
FORD Richard Nagle Major Royal Fusiliers11 06/01/1918 View Button
FREEMAN Noel William Major Royal Field Artillery 14 Brigade 68 Battery 21/03/1918 View Button
GARDINER Arthur Lieutenant London2/19 26/03/1918 View Button
INGLIS William Raymond Colonel Royal Fusiliers33 30/03/1916 View Button
MEYRICKE Robert James Francis Lieutenant Colonel Northamptonshire6 17/02/1917 View Button
OZANNE Edward Graeme Captain Royal Fusiliers3 16/02/1915 View Button

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