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GOULDING George William Private Royal West Surrey (Queens)1 29/10/1914 View Button
HILLIER Percy George Private Yorkshire2 30/10/1914 View Button
HOSKINS George Charles Lance Corporal Royal West Surrey (Queens)1 23/10/1914 View Button
SHORT John Rifleman London12 05/05/1915 View Button
LASKEY Leonard Private Pay Corps 14/04/1915 View Button
NEWMAN Alfred Maurice Tweed Private London13 09/05/1915 View Button
SMITH Walter Andrew Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps4 10/05/1915 View Button
THOMSON Leslie Rifleman London16 19/03/1915 View Button
ROSE William Morris Private London19 25/09/1915 View Button
GROOM Alfred Private Royal Fusiliers12 09/03/1916 View Button
HAIMES George Private London1 15/09/1916 View Button
HOLLOWAY John Private Middlesex23 15/09/1916 View Button
CLAPHAM Gerald Private Royal Fusiliers10 18/07/1916 View Button
CUTHBERT John Ernest Private Hampshire2 06/09/1916 View Button
MAGUIRE George Private London19 16/12/1916 View Button
WADE James Albert Private London2/20 13/08/1916 View Button
BARNARD Thomas Private Middlesex13 24/01/1917 View Button
ELTON Edward Percy Lance Corporal London22 30/01/1917 View Button
SEAGO Christopher Private Middlesex2/10 26/03/1917 View Button
FAULKNER Walter Private Durham Light Infantry2 09/04/1917 View Button

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