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LIPSCOMBE Bertie Pte London1 24/08/1918 View Button
BARNFIELD George Henry Pte RF3 04/10/1918 View Button
BARTLETT Alfred Frank Private Royal Fusiliers9 18/07/1916 View Button
BROWN John Thomas Private Royal West Kent7 29/10/1916 View Button
BUCKLAND George Pte London2/4 28/08/1918 View Button
BUCKLAND William George Private Middlesex8 16/08/1917 View Button
CAIN Harry Pte Royal Fusiliers11 26/09/1916 View Button
CAIN Thomas Private Middlesex8 09/10/1916 View Button
CARROD Frederick Private Middlesex12 26/09/1916 View Button
COVENTRY Frank Pte OBLI1/4 14/08/1916 View Button
CRIPPS Frederick James Sgt Essex10 22/10/1917 View Button
CRUTCHFIELD Leonard Pte London22 08/10/1916 View Button
DAWES Sidney Frank Pte Royal Warwickshire11 08/11/1916 View Button
EGGLETON William Private Middlesex8 26/06/1916 View Button
ELDRIDGE Leonard Private Lancers12 05/07/1918 View Button
EYDEN William Pte Royal Fusiliers24 13/11/1916 View Button
FLETCHER Harold Reginald Pte Royal Fusiliers9 21/09/1918 View Button
GEORGE Joseph Pte Berks1 28/09/1915 View Button
HAYNES Ernest George Private Royal Fusiliers3 01/04/1915 View Button
HONOUR Frederick James Pte Queens7 28/09/1916 View Button

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