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BRAITHWAITE Arthur Private Royal West Kent1 28/10/1914 View Button
GIBSON Harold Young Lance Corporal Royal West Kent1 09/09/1914 View Button
MUNDAY James Stoker1 HMS Hogue 22/09/1914 View Button
COX Walter Frederick Private East Surrey2 25/04/1915 View Button
ELLIOTT John Frederick Private London20 10/06/1915 View Button
JUSTICE Richard Petty Officer Stoker HMS Recruit 01/05/1915 View Button
LAW Edmund Driver Royal Field Artillery 147 Brigade 16/04/1915 View Button
OWEN Alec Rifleman London12 08/05/1915 View Button
TURNER George James Stoker1 HMS Formidable 01/01/1915 View Button
WHITEAR Thomas Henry Sergeant London17 23/05/1915 View Button
WILLIAMS George William Private Royal Berkshire1 15/05/1915 View Button
CLEWS Frederick R Driver Royal Field Artillery "D"Bty 62Bde 11/10/1915 View Button
DONGWORTH James Thomas Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers15 21/12/1915 View Button
GORDON George Able Seaman HMS Natal 30/12/1915 View Button
HART Joseph Leading Stoker HMS Natal 30/12/1915 View Button
KEAT Abraham Private Liverpool (Kings)2 21/10/1915 View Button
MAHER John Edward Private Royal West Surrey (Queens)1 25/09/1915 View Button
McFAULL Robert Leslie Private Middlesex3 12/09/1915 View Button
WILLIAMS Ernest Stott Gunner Royal Field Artillery 96 Brigade C Battery 20/12/1915 View Button
DOWNS John Edward Private Royal West Kent8 18/01/1916 View Button

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