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BRADSHAW Alfred Powis Stoker1 HMS Monmouth 01/11/1914 View Button
BACKMAN Stanley Private Royal Berkshire1 16/05/1915 View Button
BROWN Ernest Private London4 30/04/1915 View Button
CAMPBELL John George Private London14 22/01/1915 View Button
KEELEY William Joseph Sergeant Liverpool (Kings)1 28/02/1915 View Button
KNOPFF Albert Gustav Rudolph Able Seaman HMPMS Glen Avon 19/03/1915 View Button
RADFORD Christopher Robert Corporal London1 30/04/1915 View Button
REYNOLDS Charles Herbert Lance Corporal Royal Engineers 54Field Coy 03/01/1915 View Button
TOWNSEND William Joseph Private Royal Berkshire2 09/05/1915 View Button
TURNER William Henry Rifleman Rifle Brigade2 31/05/1915 View Button
HALLEY William Edward Private Royal West Kent8 27/10/1915 View Button
NOWELL Ernest Harold Second Lieutenant Suffolk1 01/09/1915 View Button
FEWING William Richard John Petty Officer2 HMS Queen Mary 31/05/1916 View Button
ISAACS George Jessel Corporal London6 25/03/1916 View Button
LEWIS Ernest Alfred Pte Middlesex21 02/04/1916 View Button
MARDELL Cecil Henry Private Sussex13 30/06/1916 View Button
NEWLAND Herbert Basil Second Lieutenant Lincolnshire1 18/03/1916 View Button
SIMPSON Charles Edward Rifleman London21 23/05/1916 View Button
BALNAVES Arthur Private Royal Army Ordnance Corps 43Coy 05/07/1916 View Button
BARRY John Rifleman London16 09/09/1916 View Button

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