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CAVALIER George Alfred Sergeant Border2 23/10/1914 View Button
NOBBS Frank Cooke Able Seaman HMS Bulwark 26/11/1914 View Button
PENDLEBURY Walter William Able Seaman HMS Cressy 22/09/1914 View Button
CURTIS Sydney Harold Lance Corporal East Yorkshire1 18/10/1914 View Button
CHREES Sydney Private Royal Fusiliers3 09/05/1915 View Button
DUNN Albert John Sergeant London8 25/05/1915 View Button
EMMS William Arthur Private Royal Naval Division Chatham Battalion 20/05/1915 View Button
WINDUS Charles Eric Second Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles1 09/05/1915 View Button
MARTEN Winchilsea Lance Corporal London24 26/05/1915 View Button
RANDALL Arthur Private Worcestershire4 08/05/1915 View Button
BIDGOOD Reginald Edward Lance Sergeant London6 25/09/1915 View Button
CAPPS Alfred Hanley Private Middlesex7 17/11/1915 View Button
COE Herbert John Sergeant Middlesex4 18/08/1915 View Button
COLLINGS Sidney Clement Private Honourable Artillery Company1 30/09/1915 View Button
FOSTER Arthur Ernest Private York & Lancaster1 26/10/1915 View Button
KENT Thomas Lawson Lance Corporal Suffolk Yeomanry 30/11/1915 View Button
RICE Eric Vyvyan Sub Lieutenant Royal Naval Division Nelson Battalion 13/07/1915 View Button
UGLOW William Sergeant Gloucestershire3 30/10/1915 View Button
WILSON Joseph Charles Boy Servant HMS Pembroke 02/12/1915 View Button
NELSON Alexander Charles Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery No.2 Depot 23/01/1916 View Button

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