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HMS Goliath HMS Goliath
First Name: Alfred Walter George Last Name: WARREN
Date of Death: 13/05/1915 Lived/Born In: Abbey Wood
Rank: Signal Boy Unit: HMS Goliath
Memorial Site: Chatham Naval Memorial

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87, Abbey Grove, Abbey Wood

HMS Goliath was a pre-dreadnought battleship built in the late 19th century. Put into mothballs before 1914, she was quickly brought back into service when war broke out and in March 1915 she became part of the  Gallipoli Campaign. The large calibre guns of the Royal Navy ships acted as the artillery for the troops ashore and the Turks had little means to strike back at them. This changed in the early hours of  13th May,1915 when she was anchored in Morto Bay close to Cape Helles along with other battle-ships and a defensive screen of destroyers. A Turkish torpedo boat, the Muâvenet-I Millȋye, sailed into Morto Bay, managed to elude the destroyers and fired three torpedoes into HMS Goliath. Within minutes she had sunk taking 570 of her crew with her.

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