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Plymouth Naval Memorial Plymouth Naval Memorial
First Name: Oswald Maughan Last Name: JOHNSON
Date of Death: 01/03/1917 Lived/Born In: Dartmouth Park
Rank: Sub Lieutenant Unit: HMS Pheasant
Memorial Site: Plymouth Naval Memorial

Current Information:


43, Clevedon Mansions, Lissenden Gardens, Dartmouth Park


HMS Pheasant was a M-class destroyer of the Royal Navy and part of the 15th Destroyer Flotilla, of the Grand Fleet based at Scapa Flow.  She was less than six months old when on 1st March, 1917, while on a routine patrol of the Orkney Islands, she exploded and sank. The most likely explanation is that she struck a British mine that had broken loose from the Scapa Flow defences but there were also suggestions that she was sunk by UC-43, a German submarine minelayer. All 88 men aboard lost their lives, including Oswald Johnson.

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