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First Name: Percy Stanley Last Name: MARSHALL
Date of Death: 24/08/1914 Lived/Born In: Balham
Rank: Private Unit: Lincolnshire1
Memorial Site: 1. County Hall 2.Balham Hill, Church of Ascension Memorials

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Jemappes Communal Cemetery, Belgium

1st Lincolnshire 9th Bde  3rd Division


24 Aug   9th Bde were in position around Frameries. At 4am(dawn)-the Germans opened up with artillery.  A factory was destroyed and as it burned it became so hot that the men in the ditch in front of it were withdrawn to the Orchard.  B Company held the side of the Orchard at right angles to the front and suffered from enfilade fire as the Germans attacked.  On the left of orchard a 600yd slope went down to a cornfield.   The Germans tried to advance from stook to stook but accurate fire from 1st Lincolns stopped them.  1st Lincolns machine guns were busy but were inevitably located and knocked out.  After 3-4hours fighting the Germans broke off their attack and 1st Lincolns withdrew  south west. It was impossible to evacuate the seriously wounded and these and nearly all the stretcher bearers were captured.  A whole German Division, the 6th, had attacked 9th Bde. They stopped after 3 miles and ate their ‘iron rations’  and after one hours rest they continued their march, still the rearguard of 9th Bde.  They spent the night in a field near Bermeries.  Dog tired.

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