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Le Touret Memorial, France Le Touret Memorial, France
First Name: Hubert Rainsford Gordon Last Name: KERR
Date of Death: 21/12/1914 Lived/Born In: South Kensington
Rank: Lieutenant Unit: Highland Light Infantry1
Memorial Site: Le Touret Memorial, France

Current Information:


27, Hereford Square, South Kensington


The 1st Highland Light Infantry battalion of the Sirhind Brigade, Lahore Division arrived in France from India on 30th November, 1914 to bolster the ranks of the BEF which had suffered severe losses in the opening months of the war. The division was sent to the southernmost part of the line then held by the British, around the French village of Festubert. On 19th December, along with the 4th Gurkha battalion, they attacked the German trenches near Givenchy. The attack failed and the men of 1st Highland Light Infantry and the Gurkhas were finally forced back to their starting line after having suffered considerable losses. On the next day there was a violent artillery bombardment of Festubert and 1st Highland Light Infantry manned the reserve trenches after the front line had been largely blown away and a German infantry attack launched. This attack was contained and that night they were relieved by the 15th Sikh battalion. On 21st December they were once again called on, this time to extend the line held by 15th Sikhs where once again they were subjected to a heavy bombardment and an infantry attack. The pressure was only taken off them when another brigade attacked from Givenchy. That evening 1st Highland Light Infantry moved back to billets in Gorre to lick their wounds and reorganise. Among their many casualties was Hubert Kerr who was killed on 21st December.

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