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First Name: John William Last Name: LINDER
Date of Death: 24/08/1914 Lived/Born In: Notting Hill
Rank: Private Unit: Lancers9
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Elouges Communal Cemetery, Belgium

24 August.   An advanced squadron of 9th Lancers became engaged with Germans around the north of Thulin, inflicting heavy losses on them but falling back on the main body of the Cavalry. At 7am, German infantry began moving west towards Valenciennes, one column turning south towards Élouges were hit hard by the rifles of 18th Hussars & 9th Lancers on either side of the road. 18th Hussars, 9th Lancers & 4th Dragoon Guards moved up to positions near Élougies. 9th Lancers attacked north in columns of squadrons at the gallop to take the Germans in the flank.  2 troops of 4th Dragoon Guards were echeloned to the left rear.  They crossed the Baisieux- Élougies road, speared a couple of German scouts and then their advance was checked by artillery. Some dismounted by the Sugar Factory, others swept round to the right  and back to Audregnies but most retired along the mineral railway towards. Later, 119Battery came under fire from 3 German batteries and a machine gun at close range.  They withdrew with the help of a party of 9Lancers.  VC for Maor Alexander, the Battery commander and for Captain Francis Grenfell of 9Lancers. 

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