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First Name: Leonard Newman Last Name: BISHOP
Date of Death: 26/09/1914 Lived/Born In: Isleworth
Rank: Private Unit: South Wales Borderers1
Memorial Site: 1. Isleworth Memorial 2. La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial

Current Information:

Born & Enlisted-Winchester

On 26th  September 1914, 3 Brigade, 1st Division were holding part of the line, on the Aisne front. In the early light, about 1000 Germans advanced against 1st Royal West Surrey (Queens)  along the Moulins valley. 1st Gloucestershire on their left were left alone but 1st South Wales Borderers, the next along on the spur of Mont Faucon were attacked by about 1200 Germans moving from the woods and across the broken ground in front of them in platoon columns covered by skirmishers. After a 2 hour fire fight 1st South Wales Borderers had gained the upper hand but at 8am, the Germans made another effort against them and at one point managed to penetrate their lines.  The reserve company and two companies from 2nd Welsh retook the trenches after a fierce fight whilst the rest of 1st South Wales Borderers were kept in their trenches by heavy shrapnel fire. British casualties here amounted to 450, 80% of which were men from 1st South Wales Borderers. 

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