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Le Touret Memorial, France Le Touret Memorial, France
First Name: Robert Christopher Last Name: AYTON
Date of Death: 19/12/1914 Lived/Born In: Hackney
Rank: Private Unit: West Yorkshire2
Memorial Site: 1. Hackney, St John 2. Le Touret Memorial

Current Information:


3 Halidon Street Hackney

On 2nd December 1914, 2nd West Yorkshire, 23rd Brigade, 8th Division went into the front line from Pont Logy to Chapigny, ¾ mile north of Neuve Chapelle. Things were uneventful until 18th December when they were involved in a Brigade attack on Neuve-Chapelle 2nd Devonshire captured some German trenches and in the evening 2nd West Yorkshire moved into these trenches and spent the night consolidating them. The following day 19th December, the Germans launched a strong bombing attack on 2nd West Yorkshire.  One platoon was immediately  knocked out.  The German bombs, or grenades, were round, fitted with time fuses and had an effective range of 40 yards  They were far superior to than the British ‘jam-tin’ bombs which were difficult to light and on this occasion refused to light at all.  2nd West Yorkshire had no counter to them and were forced back to their original line. They suffered over 120 casualties, mostly sustained during the retirement. 

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