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First Name: Alfred John Last Name: BRADLEY
Date of Death: 08/09/1914 Lived/Born In: Battersea
Rank: Private Unit: Lincolnshire1
Memorial Site: Battersea, St Mary

Current Information:


4 Bridge Rd Buildings, Battersea

Born-St Pancras

Bezu-le-Guery Communal Cemetery

The Great Retreat  of the British Amy finally came to an end on 5th September after thirteen days of continuous falling back whilst fighting rearguard actions from Mons in Belgium to the River Marne. Over the next four days the decisive Battle of the Marne took place and as a result the French army, assisted by the much smaller British Army forced the Germans back to the River Aisne.

1st Lincolnshire Regt 9th Brigade, 3rd Division

The records show that Private Bradley was killed on 8th  September, but it is more likely that he died the following day when 1st Lincolnshire were in action near Bezu. 1st  Lincolnshire had not been engaged on 8th September, but on the morning of the 9th, 3rd Division crossed the Marne at Nanteuil and  9Brigade, vanguard of 3rd Division, continued the advance without difficulty. British columns still approaching the Marne were being shelled by a German battery west and 1st Lincolnshire were ordered to attack and capture these guns.  C and D Companys worked their way through woods to within 150yds of the guns and then proceeded to shoot down all the German gunners and their escort.  Dashing out to secure the guns they were fired on by their own artillery who mistook them for Germans returning to their abandoned guns.  1st  Lincolnshire suffered 30 casualties , nearly all from “friendly” fire. That Pte Bradley was buried in Bezu Communal Cemetery, makes it almost certain that he was killed on the 9th.

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