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RMS Lusitania RMS Lusitania
First Name: Tom Johnson Last Name: HOUGHTON
Date of Death: 07/05/1915 Lived/Born In: Waterloo
Rank: Barkeeper Unit: Royal Mail Ship Lusitania
Memorial Site: Tower Hill Memorial

Current Information:

38, Stuart Road, Waterloo

On 7th May, 1915 the Royal Mail Ship Lusitania, a Cunard Line passenger liner was sailing along the southern Irish coast on her way to Liverpool from New York, when she was torpedoed by the German Submarine U20. Within 18 minutes the ship had sunk. Of the 1,962 passengers and crew only 764 survived. There was international protest at the sinking of a passenger ship but the Germans argued that she was a legitimate target because she was carrying munitions to England. Over 100 Americans were killed and this helped shift public opinion in the United States regarding the war.

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