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BROWN James Walter Private Sussex2/6 31/05/1918 View Button
HUGHES George Henry Bombadier Royal Field Artillery "B"Bty 46Bde 04/04/1918 View Button
ELLIS Bernard Henry Commander Royal Naval Division Hawke Battalion 21/04/1918 View Button
AYLING Joseph Walter Private Middlesex1 15/04/1918 View Button
CUBBADGE Arthur Edgar Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps20 28/05/1918 View Button
BLUMFELD Louis Lieutenant HMS Inflexible 23/07/1918 View Button
SHEPPARD Victor Frederick Private London2/15 23/08/1918 View Button
ROBERTS William Charles Private Northumberland Fusiliers22 17/09/1918 View Button
PHILIP Richard Private Connaught Rangers1 19/09/1918 View Button
WILLSON Albert Richard Private London23 20/10/1918 View Button
CREASY Robert Leonard Major Royal Field Artillery "D"Bty 190Bde 22/10/1918 View Button
HART Harry Private East Surrey8 25/10/1918 View Button
JAMES George Francis Private Machine Gun Corps 18Bn 07/11/1918 View Button
SMITH William Frederick Leading Seaman HMS Pembroke 03/12/1918 View Button
GARDNER Frederick Private Royal Fusiliers8 01/08/1915 View Button
LEACH Edward Savory Wykeham Captain East Surrey7 03/05/1917 View Button
MORTIMER Charles Hughes Private Royal Scots17 15/07/1917 View Button
PRIME Frederick Charles Private Machine Gun Corps 41st Battalion 08/10/1918 View Button
BRANDT Druce Robert Lieutenant Rifle Brigade1 06/07/1915 View Button
NOEL Francis Methuen Captain Devonshire9 26/10/1917 View Button

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