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BLOGG Arthur Ernest Private Hampshire14 06/10/1916 View Button
BOYCE Arthur Bruce Rifleman London5 23/09/1916 View Button
CROUCHER Alfred Ernest Private Cornwall Light Infantry6 18/08/1916 View Button
DAVIS George Thomas Diamond Private London3 07/08/1916 View Button
DYKES Oswald James Rifleman London5 01/07/1916 View Button
GARNER Douglas Haydn Lance Corporal Royal Fusiliers17 22/08/1916 View Button
GARWOOD Ernest Private Royal Fusiliers26 18/09/1916 View Button
GASSTON Thomas Sidney Rifleman London5 01/07/1916 View Button
GREEN Walter Alfred Private Yorkshire Light Infantry6 15/09/1916 View Button
HOARE Eric Sutherland Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 53Bty 2Bde 11/11/1916 View Button
MARKBY Harry Rifleman London12 09/09/1916 View Button
METSON John Walter Private Essex9 18/10/1916 View Button
MORRIS Edgar Pioneer Royal Engineers HQ Spec Coy 17/11/1916 View Button
MORRIS William Charles Frederick Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 12 Siege Battery 20/12/1916 View Button
PEARSON Henry Morris Private Royal Fusiliers1 09/08/1916 View Button
RATHBONE Philip Richard Rifleman London17 19/11/1916 View Button
ROBINSON Herbert William Private Lincolnshire2 01/07/1916 View Button
ROGERS Bertie Fred Private Royal Fusiliers23 16/11/1916 View Button
WARRENDER John Ernest Griffin Private South Staffordshire7 02/10/1916 View Button
BAINES George Edmund Corporal Sussex12 02/07/1916 View Button

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